Score Scoring Board For Envelope Gift Box Making 12 by 18 In Size

  • Products details

    • Diameter:24mm~153mm


    • Secure and hidden blade design, use more safe

      Exterior design of simple fashion

      Accurate and beautiful circular cut


    Professional Circle Cutter 




    2.Thickness:1mm(about paper 80P x10pcs)

    3.Upgrade the ability to cut the small circle and take less energy to finish.

    4.Adjust the size of the circle easily and correctly by convex lens.



    *With ball bearings of V structure to improve cutting an accurate circle.

    *With patent QQ blade, we can finish a circle simply.  Timely and safe to take in the blade.

    *Fix the paper in TPR base to prevent swinging as using.

    *Present 3 spare blades.

    *We can cut the photo accurately and easily via the transparent window with dimension.